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AD7193 calibration issues

Question asked by adamg. on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by adamg.

I am interfacing Pmod AD5 form Digilent which has a AD7193 chip in it with FPGA. To start with, I have successfully written to the mode and configuration register and read back the values of these registers. I have also tested the ADC by giving some constant voltage inputs and I noticed that I was getting some error of the order 10^(-3). So I decided to do the calibration. I first tried doing the internal zero scale calibration.


I am writting x080010 to Mode register

then             x000110 to Configuration register ...(just to start the code)


Then I am again writting x880010 to Mode register  ....(For Internal zero scale calibration)

and using polling to check when RDY' goes low. ...(For RDY' I am reading the status register's MSB bit)

But the RDY' bit never returns low. The status register reads 10000000 in binary.

I am not giving any inputs to the ADC.


I have gone through the other discussions related to the calibration on this forum.

I am pretty much stuck at it for a long time.

Please help me out