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AD7606 device tree bindings

Question asked by DaviidR on Aug 18, 2015
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I am currently working on a product which features an AD7076 with 8 channels and SPI interface.

I want to include its driver into a 3.18.19 linux kernel: I have enabled the flags CONFIG_AD7606 and CONFIG_AD7606_IFACE_SPI.


Instead of using a platform data (described here, I am using a device tree blob.


My declaration of AD7606 in the device tree has only three standard fields,

&ecspi3 {

      status = "okay";


      adc: ad7606@3 {

           compatible = " ad7606-8 ";

           spi-max-frequency = <10000000>;

           reg = <3>;




I am facing a kernel panic when starting the 3.18.19 linux kernel with such a device tree.

The function “ad7606_probe” is the starting point of the kernel panic

I think my declaration of AD7606 in the device tree is not correct but I am not able to find information for the bindings of AD7606.

Where can I find information about AD7606 device tree bindings ?