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Composite Video transferr width radio, compress and decompress

Question asked by bazsogabor on Apr 25, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2011 by GuenterL


I creating video sender (transmitter) and receiver.

The rf section working good. Working up to 10km.


I think:

video signal (camera) -> ad -> coder (compresser) -> digital radio tx                digital radio rx -> decoder/error correction -> da -> analog video signal

What the prefered video coder/decoder, ad/da pair for composite video signal?

Aspect: total transmitting delay no longer that 200ms.

If the signal lost any time, then decoder detect it, and freeze prev frame.

I use PAL video camera width 25-30fps.


My radio is working up to 128/256kbit/s. Max real data rate is 90-180kbit/s.

This design make for RC airplane. Airplane use an camera. Remote station is controlling the airplane.