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AD9625 FMC board compatibility with Arria10 Dev board

Question asked by lritchie1 Employee on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by IanB

My customer plugged these two boards together and started having power up issues.


They had the Arria10 board running. Then they plugged in an ADI ADC expansion board via FMC and now the A10 board is not powering up right. They removed the FMC board and now the A10 dev board does not power up.


By looking at signals on the board, they have narrowed the problem to the EN_A10_VCCIO from the LTM2977 to several enpirion power supplies. This enable signal is switching high and low. This is the last step in the power up sequence.


Do we have any experience with these two boards together?  Any thoughts on what could be going on?