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ADV7611 No Video Except In FreeRun Mode

Question asked by j-r on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by GuenterL

Hi Everyone,


I have a custom board which has a ADV7611 -> ADV7511 -> 1920x1080@60 DVI computer monitor.

A microcontroller is being used to program the ADV devices via I2C.

I have the EDID of my monitor being programmed into the ADV7611 and when the HDMI is plugged into the computer from the ADV7611, the computer sees the correct monitor model number and resolution.


The problem is that the monitor wakes up and only shows a black screen when connecting the ADV7611 to the computer. Inspecting the video signals being outputted from the ADV7611, I see a steady pixel clock around 150MHz, but the DE, HSync, VSync signals move around unpredictably and uncontrollably (Vsync is in the KHz range at times).

When I unplug the HDMI from the computer, the screen will show a solid blue screen and the video signals will be steady and valid (Vsync of 60Hz, HSync in the KHz range). From what I understand, this is the FreeRun mode. The monitor will also indicate at this time that the input is 1920x1080@60.


It might be worth noting that I currently am not monitoring any interrupts made by the ADV7611.

I've posted the initialization code below. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


0x98 0xFF 0x80//I2C reset
0x98 0xF4 0x80//CEC
0x98 0xF5 0x7C//INFOFRAME
0x98 0xF8 0x4C//DPLL
0x98 0xF9 0x64//KSV
0x98 0xFA 0x6C//EDID
0x98 0xFB 0x68//HDMI
0x98 0xFD 0x44//CP


0x98 0x00 0x08

0x98 0x01 0x06
0x98 0x02 0xF2
0x98 0x03 0x40
0x98 0x04 0x62
0x98 0x05 0x28//AV Codes Off
0x98 0x06 0xA6
0x98 0x0B 0x44//Power up part
0x98 0x0C 0x42//Power up part
0x98 0x14 0x7F//Max Drive Strength
0x98 0x15 0x80//Disable Tristate of Pins
0x98 0x19 0x83//LLC DLL phase
0x98 0x33 0x40//LLC DLL enable
0x44 0xBA 0x01//Set HDMI FreeRun
0x64 0x40 0x81//Disable HDCP 1.1 features

0x68 0x9B 0x03  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xC1 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xC2 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xC3 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xC4 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xC5 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xC6 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xC7 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xC8 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xC9 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xCA 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xCB 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0xCC 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0x00 0x00  //Set HDMI Input Port A

0x68 0x83 0xFE  //Enable clock terminator for port A

0x68 0x6F 0x0C  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0x85 0x1F  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0x87 0x70  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0x8D 0x04  //LFG

0x68 0x8E 0x1E  //HFG

0x68 0x57 0xDA  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0x58 0x01  //ADI recommended setting

0x68 0x03 0x98  //DIS_I2C_ZERO_COMPR

0x68 0x75 0x10  //DDC drive strength


EDID is sent after this