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AD9684-500EBZ equipment and spftware needed for evaluation

Question asked by ricky on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by ricky

Hi All,


One of my customer is considering to evaluate AD9684-500 for his new design by using AD9684-500EBZ and HSC-ADC-EVALEZ boards.

He would like to confirm with you about equipment and software needed for the evaluation.

He will place an order for the AD9684-500EBZ and HSC-ADC-EVALEZ soon.

He has PC for this test.

He also has Signal source and Clock source for the evaluation.

What equipment will be needed other than above?

Is PC12V DC supply needed or contained in HSC-ADC-EVALEZ?

As to the signal source and clock source, is the Single Ended to Differential converter required?

If any other equipment and software needed, please advise us.


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