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AD9106 Calibration

Question asked by tzs0023 on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by larrywelchusa
  1. Is V(REFIO) the voltage felt by each DAC at full-scale current?  If I'm using 130 Ohm resistors on the P/N outputs should I have this set to 1.04V?
  2. On page 23 requirement #2, is the I(OUTFS) the sum of all four DACs or for each DAC?  If I want 8mA on each DAC is it 8mA or 32mA?
    1. 8mA, R(CAL_SENSE) = 4160
    2. 32mA, R(CAL_SENSE) = 1040
  3. Step #4 in the calibration, is the CAL_MODE_EN bit 6 or 7 in CALCONFIG register?  The note confuses me.
  4. Step #8, are these corresponding calibration ranges correct for adjusting?  Do I increase the range value no matter if it is OF or UF?
    2. RSET_CAL_OF/UF = ???
  5. Step #9, do I need to do anything with the COMP_OFFSET_CAL result in COMPOFFSET?
  6. Step #10, #11 and #12, do I need to clear those bits twice?