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How to make AD9361 bist_timing_analysis work?

Question asked by CodeWarrior on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by rgetz

Hi all,


I'm targeting the FMCOMMS2 design with the standard unmodified axi_ad9361 FPGA IP, and I've set the IP's PCORE_ID = 1. What can be done to make the ad9361_dig_tune() function in ad9361_conf.c work?


I understand that the driver uses the axiadc_read(st, ADI_REG_ID) call to find the value of PCORE_ID. I have verified this. However, I can't understand how the ad9361_dig_tune() function knows about it - there's no call to read the contents of 0x79020004 - aka ADI_REG_ID. Hence, why does the tuning function fail?