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EVAL-ADuCM320EBZ not detected with J-link

Question asked by sookah on Aug 12, 2015
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To evaluate some high speed analog signals I have purchased the EVAL-ADuCM320EBZ board. I followed the ADuCM320 starting guide closely to set everything up ( I have used the DIO project in keil, the project compiles fine, however when trying to flash the compiled file, the j-link does not find the device on the SW interface (error "No Cortex-M SW Device Found").


In kiel I have tried "configure flash tools > utilties > j-link .. settings" and the "debug" tab; as can be seen on the picture below the "SW device" panel does not show any hardware. I tried changing max clock and Reset options but none helped.


Below is the image of how i am connecting the hardware for SW mode. Jumpers LK1, LK2, LK4 and LK6 have been used.


Following is the screen cap of my device driver



The problem:

I guess the fundamental problem here is why is my hardware not being detected? Is it the way I placed the jumpers for the SW mode or software in the IDE. Also (as an option) can I program my eval module via ftdi pinouts to put my binary executable files? I also read that maybe my eval board has no firmware, if so how do i check ? and how can I update firmware (for both j-link or eval module)?


This is my first post on a forum..ever.. so if I miss something please let me know, I highly appreciate the efforts and thank you for your time.