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ADAU1761 and SigmaStudio

Question asked by Bambinz on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by PaulBKaraoke

Hi all,

I use ADAU1761 with a BF707 development board. I use the codec only like dac and work perfectly. I send my data and the dac play audio stream.

Now I would like to use a feature of ADAU1761 DSP like filter.

For first I would like load a simple schematic in ADAU1761,  the schematic must take the I2S stream and reproduce it with the dac.

I changed this setting:

- Serial Input rout control:

     - Changed "Serial In L0-R0 to dacs" in "Serial input to DSP to dacs"

- Serial output rout control

     - Changed "ADC to Serial Out L0-R0" in "Serial output to DSP to dacs"


With the default setting ( Serial in L'-R0 to dacs) the dac works, when I change in Serial input to DSP to dacs the codec not works.


I don't understand why my schematic not work. Could you find my project as attachment.


Thank you very much and excuse my english.