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Customizing the BOOT image for ARRADIO

Question asked by ElhananSharon on Aug 4, 2015
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My first guess is that the following question related to this thread, anyway please let me know in case you wish I open new thread.


I am looking for the SW sources/Makefiles of the BOOT.bin image in order to re-compile them.

The motivation is to be able to customize the u-boot per costumer/s request.


(BTW, I was able to compile and verify the uImage and the socfpga.dtb files based on

analogdevicesinc/linux · GitHub image, branch 2014_R2_altera)


Actions I took so far:

I looked at the mentioned-above github, but faled to find the bootloader sources.

Also looked at the following link:

Especially at:

But the update script there (<sd card>/<rootfs partition>/usr/local/bin/ only download pre-compiled images (as far as I could undetstand from the shell script, as it was directed to Zynq sources)


Can you point me where to find sources and compilaoin instruction/Makefiles of the specific BOOT.bin image that is in use for this demo?


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