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AD8367 step response time for control voltage 0.1V to 1.2V to change gain from 0dB to 40dB

Question asked by Rambabu-BEL on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by Rambabu-BEL

Dear Sir,

I want to know,

What is the response time to change from 0dB to 40dB also vice-a-versa

for change in control voltage from 0.1V to 1.2V also vice-a-versa.

In my AGC circuit with two VGAs in cascade with external AGC circuit I am able to get only 350uSec attack/release times as against my requirement of 100uSec. AGC time constant is 20uSec only & RF detector used is ADL5501.  Is there any limitation with VGA, I don,t see any graph or parameter to confirm. One of the graph show voltage change from 0.6V to 0.65V only.

Thanking you.