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ad fmcomms1

Question asked by dnajpn on Aug 11, 2015
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          I executed the test program of ad-fmcomms1 with kc705 for no-os drivers to generate and receive the sine wave with the help of antennae. To view the sine wave in vivado the ad-fmcomms1 guide tells me to club 14 signals from adc output to get sine wave. But my waveform window has 64 bit data rather than 56 bit data (14*4), and if i club 16 bits of data the sine wave looks as shown in the attached file.

My doubt is whether i have made any mistake that i am getting 64 bits of data rather than 56 bits of data? Another doubt is whether ad-fmcomms1 ebz can be connected to FMC HPC connector of KC705 and what changes have to be made to do that?

Thank you