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ADE7880, LENERGY bit at STATUS0 still is set when no voltage ZX

Question asked by karens on Aug 10, 2015
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On my application, ADE7880 is used. With the proper line voltage, it works good.  


The issue is happened when there is no line voltage. On my application, normally I use line cycle accumulation interrupt to get energy data. When lost the line voltage, I still need to estimate the energy using the timer.  I noticed that when there is no line voltage, if LENGERGY interrupt bit is enabled on the MASK0, it still generates the trigger. I thought it should not trigger the interrupt line since there is no line voltage, so there are no zero crossing points to accumulate. So I am not sure if the wire connection on the device is wrong or not.


My question is that is it common that ADE7880 could still accumulate zero crossing points when there is no line voltage, so periodically generates the LENGERY interrupt? I set LCYMODE's bits ZXSEL[0], ZXSEL[1], and ZXSEL[2] are all to 1.