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ADV7612   CP_START_VBI  /  CP_END_VBI  controversy.

Question asked by Aphraton on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by mattp



Picture 53 on page 138 in ADV7612 Reference Manual ( UG-216 ) has the following VBI settings mentioned:






UG-216 has no other descriptions of these VBI setting.


These VBI settings are mentioned also in ADV7612 SOFTWARE MANUAL, but with "_R" suffix.

They are described as "Manual value for start of VBI position of the extra blank region preceding the odd / even R field in 3D TV field alternative packing format through HDMI."


Please clarify if these VBI settings ( without "_R" suffix as mentioned in UG-216 ) can be used for normal 2DTV field packing format or only in 3D TV field alternative packing format through HDMI ( with "_R" suffix as mentioned in ADV7612 SOFTWARE MANUAL )?