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SOFTEVAL use in Keypad peripherial

Question asked by szymonovitz on Apr 22, 2011
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I am using keypad peripherial on the BF-548 Eval board. Everything seems to work properly apart from SOFTEVAL register. While I keep the button pressed, I want to force the controler to go from the 'wait' state to the 'Evaluate key Pressed' by writing 0x0001 into the SOFTEVAL register. With the key kept pressed it should generate an interrupt. However it seems not to be working at all, nothing happens.

When I debug the program with Visual DSP++ I see that SOFTEVAL register is not even filled with 0x0001 after I perform the write.

Did anyone have such problem too?


I have some additional information.

Writing to SOFTEVAL started to more or less work. It works properly when in case when for example I press pad '1' and than press additionally '2'. Controller properly detects that additional pad was pressed. Unfortunately it still doesn't work the other way round - in case when I have two pads pressed and release only one, it is not detected by the controller.

Perhaps scanning after writing to SOFTEVAL is somehow not fully performed?


thank you for help