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AD8302 EVAL - Phase readings are unexpected

Question asked by morrison232 on Aug 10, 2015
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We are considering using the AD8302 for a project, so I ordered the eval board and set it up in the following manner :


Connected input power to 5v dc supply. Verified 1.8v regulated output.


Attached signal generator to DDC, 350Mhz, +10.0 dbm output , -30db taps.  Attached Fwd/Reflected to INPA and INPB respectively.  Left the output side of the DDC open circuit.  When I checked VPHS, under the following conditions, I received the following data :



Open Circuit   1.9v

Shorted          0.3v

50Ohm Load   1.01v


I was expecting open and short circuit to be about the same, and 50 ohm load to be closer to 1.8v.


Any direction is much appreciated.