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Issue with SPI1 with DMA in ADuCM361 Controller

Question asked by himabindu on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by MMA

Hi sir,

I am getting the problem with the SPI1 DMA data Transmission. Details  are furnished below.

We are configuring the     SPI1 as Master - disable,

                                              Continuous - enable,

                                              TIM= 1,

                                              CON[14:15]= 00 (interrupt for every byte transfer)

                                              ZEN - enable,

                                              OEN - enable,

                                              CPOL - 0,

                                              CPHA - 1, and

                                              DMA enabled for both Tx and Rx of SPI1 but interrupt is only Enabled for DMA Rx.

                                            Peripheral Clock - 2MHz.

                                            Serial Clock - 500KHz.

For every 1 Sec, we are communicating to this controller with 64 bytes of Data from Master. Eventhough the Slave selection is low before the start of the communication,we are getting FF's for all 64 bytes in between communication. But the next communication is success.

what might be the reason that why we are getting all 64 bytes of FF's?

Note: We are getting same problem when we configure serial clock as 100KHz.

Please help me to solve this issue as early as possible.

Thanks in Advance,

with Regards,

P.Hima Bindu.