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Question about ADT6501 current spec.

Question asked by on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by Lluis

Hi Sir,

My Customer is using ADT6501 in our product and now have some question with it.

Below is the schematic of ADT6501,

ADT6501 sch.png

During the test, we found out that the Vcc of ADT6501 will drop  (dV=429mV) some times when it is working.

The blue waveform :  Measure the 6V power supply on P6V2_VREG_P0V9_SAS net

The Yellow Waveform : Measure the 4.73V which is divided by R3602 and R3601

ADT6501 Waveform.jpg

Customer questions that the deltaV on Vcc pin is 429mV, the sink current on Vcc sould be 215uA (429mV / 2Kohm) which is over spec (55uA).

This issue not happen in every products just some. Could you please help to explain this matter urgently, thanks!