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CrossCore and git

Question asked by pfeifferc on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by Kader.M

Hi !

i want to Setup a git based source versioning System.

So i set up a local git.repository. works fine,

i want to share it within our Company on a win2k8 Server System based on a simple GitInstallation and a Bitvise SSH Server

i test it and i get always the message (from ssh Server)


"User authentication failed."- None of the GSSAPI mechanism advertised by the Client are supported or enabled

the log files of the ssh Server contain:

    <session id="1034" remoteAddress=""/>

    <authentication attemptNr="1" userName="test" method="gssapi-with-mic"/>

    <parameters failureReason="GssApiMechanismNotSupported" requestedMechanism="Kerberos" kerberos5Auth="Allowed" ntlmAuth="Allowed"/>

    <help message="None of the GSSAPI mechanisms advertised by the client are supported or enabled."/>



Kerberos5 & NTLM authentification is allowed on Server.

Is there any optional Setting for the Client within the CCES ????


Kind regards