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Need help with respect to ADV212 and ADV7611

Question asked by svnag on Aug 6, 2015
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We are starting with a new board design. Please look into the attached document for the architecture information.

The board is intended for capturing video of resolution 1980x1080 with a frame rate of 25fps. The video should be encoded to MJPEG format and the video should be saved to Micro SD card.

We are using ADV7611 for HDMI to RGB conversion. We have planned to interface HDMI based video cameras.

The ADV7611 outputs will be provided to FPGA. In FPGA, we are planning to do image processing(image detection, etc) and then convert RGB to YCbCr and then pass the stream of bits to ADV212 chip. The outputs of ADV212 will be again passed back to FPGA and then we are planning to interface the SD Host controller and then save the video to Micro SD Card(SD HC with 32GB capacity).


We need help from Analog devices for the following:

1. Is the architecture planned is OK or can any body suggest a better architecture?

2. Are there standard reference designs with RTL codes for the interfacing of ADV212 with FPGA?

3. Any cameras suggested for ADV7611 interface?

4. Are there any designs that uses SD HC port for saving the video directly from ADV212?


please reply.