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AD9361-NoOSsoftware DAC DMA data with Hardware Manager

Question asked by RWag2011 on Aug 5, 2015
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I am using the FMCOMMS2 and Zed board combination with the NoOS drivers.  My end goal is to replace the sine_lut that is in the dac_core.c. I have changed the main.c to use the DATA_SEL_DMA for the dac_init function.  For now I am just trying to look at the original sine wave that is default using the hardware manager in vivado 2014.2.  What I get when looking at the wave forms seems to be the sine wave data with two or three samples of all zeros in between each piece of sine data. Can someone tell me where I am going wrong with this, or maybe I didn't set something correctly since I am rather new to this. I have also switched back to looking at the DDS and it is the same, so I imagine it is not something with the init function.




What I am getting is pictured below.

Closer look at the first few data samples