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ADV7513 - No Video Output

Question asked by P4T4R on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2015 by P4T4R

Hello everyone,

I am using the ADV7513 to output a test pattern over HDMI to a monitor, but I am not getting anything on the monitor. I've read through the programming guide several times to ensure that I'm setting the proper registers for the device to operate. It's entirely possible that there's an issue with the pattern generator that we're using in the FPGA that is driving the ADV7513, but before I look at that, I'd like to rule out any register setting issues with the ADV7513.


Here are the registers that we're setting:

8'hD6, 8'hC0 // Ignore HPD

8'h41, 8'h00 // Power-up TX

// Required Registers

8'h98, 8'h03

8'h9A, 8'hE0

8'h9C, 8'h30

9'h9D, 8'h01

8'hA2, 8'hA4

8'hA3, 8'hA4

8'hE0, 8'hD0

8'hF9, 8'h00


// Video mode setup

8'h15, 8'h00 // 24 bit RGB 4:4:4 input

8'h16, 8'h38 // 4:4:4, 8 bit per color output

8'h17, 8'h02 // Set aspect ratio to 16:9

8'hAF, 8'h02 // Enable HDMI mode


When I perform I2C reads on all of these registers, the values that I wrote all get read back, so I know the registers are getting set. When I perform reads on the VIC registers, it tells me that the chip is getting 720p at 50Hz data in, and it is outputting the same format. If someone could please confirm that we're setting all of the necessary registers, that'd be great.


Thanks in advance,