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HMC6000LP711E can serial interface handle 32-bit command?

Question asked by michael_michael on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by michael_michael

I am having problem communicate to HMC6000LP711E using SPI. I have SPI controller which can only support 32 bits transaction per chip select active low session (at other times, the chip select will go high). I am trying to do a read command to HMC6000LP711E. Because the read command is only 18 bits, so tried both padding 14 zeros to the left of the 18 bits command and padding 14 zeros to the right of the 18 bits command to do a 32 bits transaction "first". Then I issue another dummy 32 bits transaction to comply with the "second falling edge" of the enable line to read the data back according to the timing shown below. right now I failed all my tries. Can you suggest some recommendation? Is that possible I can drive it using a fixed 32 bits SPI controller?


Thanks a lot.