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30MHz triangle wave amplifier question

Question asked by leoxu on Apr 21, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2011 by OliverSedlacek

Hello all,


I have a question to ask:

One project i am working on needs a frequency sweep between 800MHz and 1600MHz, and to do so, a triangle waveform is generated to drive a VCO input. The tuning voltage of VCO at this frequency range is 0 ~ 15V, and the amplitude from triangle waveform is about 0.5Vp. So my question is how to design an amplifier that would meet the VCO requirement and frequency requirement? Slew rate requirement?


I have spent a lot of time on this web site to search all kind of amplifier, and can't find a device that have enough bandwidth, slew rate, and single power supply. Probably I missed something.


Please kindly help me.