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(HDMI-RX)Connect the source-device with no HDCP.

Question asked by donadona999s on Aug 4, 2015
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I want to check my understanding are correct.


With my understanding ,

if the source-device has no HDCP,

the sink-device doesn't check the HDCP-key

and it could accept the HDMI signal and the system works with no problem.

For example


                                                                                                        * this is from ADV7611 Ref-Manual


Figure.6 will be execute but Figure.7 will not.


So ,if I use ADV7511W with no HDCP-mode( 0xAF[7] = 1'b0 ) , I can use ADV7611 or ADV748* as sink-device with no HDCP.


Is it correct?


Best regards.