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AD8347  current consumption @ low PS voltage

Question asked by FreddyS on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by stanis

Dear supporter

From my customer:


We are interesting in the AD8347 For A low power consumption application in the L band frequency domain (1.3 G-1.7 G) and with  Vsource of 2.8 V


I have the following questions :

1- When  the DC OFFSET COMPENSATION mechanism is disabled ,what will be The DC offset level at the output BB amplifier ?

t's mentioned in the DS that The output DC offset with  the DC OFFSET COMPENSATION mechanism is typical -+50 mV,will it get worse ?


2. The data sheet tells about the current level for  Vsource = 5 V , what is the current level of the device for Vsource = 2.8 V (min , typical ,max ) ?

Why there is such a change in the current level as mentioned  in the DS from min to max ? is it for Temperature changes ?


3. Can  ANALOG DEVICES  create a custom made chip with lower current and lower power consumption? we can compromise on the other specifications like a smaller Gain or Higher NF level .