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Vivado 2015.2 support for ZC706/FMCOMMS2?

Question asked by komo Employee on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by rejeesh

I understand the difficulty of keeping up with the latest
vendor tools and in some cases not embracing the latest toolset.






Unfortunately, I need to be at vivado 2015.2 due to the
following reasons:



  1. There is a pcie core reset issue that is resolved in vivado
  2. There is a transceiver reset/pll lock issue which has been
    resolved in 2015.2








This is one of those cases for the reasons stated above
which we need the latest version.  Without vivado 2015.2, PCIE is
unreliable during power cycles due to reset not be asserted/deasserted
correctly and the unreliable state of the transceivers based on the pll lock






I’ve tried multiple ways of upgrading the current project
above to a new vivado version without success:



  1. Just upgrading the IP doesn’t work
  2. Open a newer tool version and go through the complete process of
    setting up the project fails due to a version check which is buried somewhere








Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.