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non-RoHS part containing too much material or inable to survive lead free solder temperatures?

Question asked by loek on Aug 4, 2015
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We are trying to extend the life of one of our products containing the ADSP-2185LKST-115.

There is no RoHS drop-in replacement for that one (unless it is allowed to run the ADSP-2185LBSTZ-133 on the same low 7,3MHz clock as the -115).


Now we wonder whether the non-RoHS marking of this type is because it contains too much lead?

Or is it because the component does not withstand the lead-free wave solder heat profile?


In the first case: is it because the pins have a lead containing finish? Is it impossible to mount these reliably with lead frree solder (dissolving it to a low enough percentage of lead mass) ?

In the second case: can we try solder it seperately by hand, maybe while cooling the body somewhat?


Thanks for your reading my question!

Loek Gijben