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AD9129 Start-up sequence

Question asked by iklink on Aug 4, 2015
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I initialize the AD9129 DAC according to the start-up sequence in table 16 in the datasheet.

When I do this, I see that the status register 0x0E is 0xDD, meaning that the DLL is locked with a DLL delay line end warning.

Then I updated the startup sequence from:


   0x0A set to 0xC0




   0x0A set to 0x40

   0x0A set to 0xC0



And the warnings disappear and register 0x0E is 0x85.

I have also seen other people using the two configuration writes to register 0x0A instead the single write of value 0xC0.


Is there something I missed from the datasheet? Or are there details missing from the start-up sequence?



Ingmar van Klink