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About vibration measurement & ADIS16006

Question asked by tming on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by NevadaMark


     we are working on a vibration measurement project for oil tank of transformer.

     Our main parameters show as following:

          Sensor type:MEMS;

          BW: 2kHz or more;

          Resolution:4mg/LSB or higher;

          FS:±5g or more;

          Noise: rms< 20mg.

     Q1:Colud you recommend one sensor to me? Or will ADIS16006 satisfy my parameters?

     Q2:The difference between ADIS series(Industry application?) and ADXL MEMS series(for consumer electronics?)? We have tried one MEMS of ST,but failed because of bad frequency responce.

     Q3:If setting the BW=2.26kHz,then I should sample at 4.52kHz or what?


Thanks in advance for any reply.

Best Regards.