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board programmer DSP

Question asked by ilmandorlone on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by AlClark

hello I'm new here, I'm 19 I know c # c ++ assembly (freescale MCU)

I wanted to learn something more about dsp.

I am looking a bit I liked the dsp analog devices.

I'm used with the MCU that are programmed with JTAG, I use USBDM but did not know how to begin to use the dsp.

I have three questions.


What do you advise me to begin?


dsp as: ADSP-2184 as I can program (JTAG or eeprom)?

queli devices are to be bought for the flash program and what are the software Use clean?

3. is possibile with a very fast dsp create filters RF 0-30 mhz? (for example, 300 MHz)

I thank you for the help I'd really like to try to create something.

hopefully it will not cost much : D hello marco IU3DVD