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Request Schematic Review of AD7734

Question asked by Se-woong on Aug 3, 2015
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My customer has some problem of their module with AD7734.

Their module is operating normally, and some modules are supplied to their customer.

Their module can receive 4 channels (AIN0,AIN1,AIN2,AIN3) inputs for  AD7734, but their cusrtomer use AIN0 only.

Some times their module operates normally, after then the output of channel 0 (AIN0) is max. values.

(It seems to be saturated.)


Q1) Do you have any experience above issue?


And then they test other modules and confirm some strange things.

After applying a impulse noise signal with over 1 kV to AIN0-3 , they can get  the outputs of AIN0 & AIN1 are max. values and AIN2 and AIN3 are normal.

So they want to review their schematic of AD7734.


Q2) Would you confirm their schematic?

Q3) About applying a impulse noise signal with over 1 kV to AIN0-3, how bout your opinions?


Please advise me.


If  you have any questions, please let me know.