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[FMCMOTCON2] package contents of inside box

Question asked by sofy Employee on Aug 3, 2015
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I would like to confirm bout contents of FMCMOTCON2 EVAL box inside.

According to product page

This page says Package contents are...

  • Controller Board
  • Low Voltage Drive Board
  • Dynamometer System with Embedded Control for Passive Load Simulation

Are these boards on the picture as below?


But also this page says...

The kit consists of two boards: a controller board and a drive board. An optional AD-DYNO2-EBZ dynamometer can also be purchased through Avnet and is intended to be an extension of the drive system.

It seems Dynamometer System not include and this board has a model name as  AD-DYNO2-EBZ.


Which one is correct?

Another two questions

1) What content of software? Mathworks one is include? But User's guide only describe Linux drivers and IIO scope.

2) Does this EVM have academic price? (If the answer yes, let me know the academic price.)


Thank you for your help in advance.

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