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ADAU 1761 Problem

Question asked by Bambinz on Aug 3, 2015
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Hi all,

I would like to use the ADAU1761 with the DSP BF707. I receive data from the UART from a WifiModule. I write the data in a circular buffer and this data is reproduced with ADAU1761. The program work very well, but after 28second the buffer is empty. I checked the sampling frequency, the buffer code, ecc but it is correct. When the buffer is empty I fill it with 0, but the codec unload the buffer in few time for once and again, again ,again, ... this for 5 - 10 time. After this moment the codec work correctly.

I don't understand why the codec not work at the sampling frequency in this case, when my buffer is empty I send 0 to the codec.


Thank you very much and excuse my English.