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ADV212 - various target size cause varying delay

Question asked by Mem on Aug 3, 2015
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I'm using an ADV212 in JDATA mode to compress PAL video and transfer it in a 8Mbps link.

Delay is the most important limitation in my design. I know ADV212 has 1.5 field delay and I buffer one field in transmitter(20 ms delay) an a frame in receiver(40 ms delay), therefor maximum delay should be  2*30+20+40=120 ms, but I'm experiencing 400ms delay which is not acceptable.

It gets worse when I decrease "Target Size". For a 4KB Field Packet Size, delay is three seconds!!

I have read from How to use ADV202 there is a 500KB internal Storage. Is there some sort of que in there that affects delay?

Is CODE FIFO threshold affects?



M. H.