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ADV7626 OSD question

Question asked by JustinWu_Ans on Aug 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal



We would like to use external flash memory to design OSD in ADV7626. As we found the description from section 4.2 Build of ADV7625_framework_user_manual.pdf.  We might only need to set memory configuration to internal flash memory.


Dose the Blimp will generate source code to control ADV7626 to access SPI flash by ADV7626 SPI?

In this mode , ADV7626 will run SPI master to access SPI flash directly and MCU don't need to update OSD data to ADV7626 by SPI or I2C?


As datasheet mentioned , ADV7626 also can update OSD data to on-chip memory by via i2c and SPI.

Is there any documents to description it. How to use i2c update OSD data to on-chip memory?


Thanks for your help.