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ADV7180BCPZ Power Up Sequence

Question asked by binupandian on Jul 31, 2015
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We already have board designed using ADV7180BCPZ based on datasheet, revision G.


We used the following Power Up sequence for our design

1.8V -> 3.3V (as there was no mention of power up sequence in rev. G)

Reset is active for an additional 140ms after sequence is completed.


In rev. J, I find that the Power Up sequence is

3.3V -> 1.8V


We are doing a small revision to our design (ADV7180 part remains the same) and would like to know

1)How critical is it to follow the power up sequence?

2)Can we proceed with the same power architecture design for ADV7180?

3)If not, what are all the issues that might arise with the original design?



Binupandian S