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VisualDSP Update 9 issues coming from Update 5

Question asked by omar on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2011 by omar

I am currently trying to rebuild by project with Update 9, as I have been using Update 5 for quite some time.  My reason for doing so is the updated eUSB drivers.


I have come across issues and am still not able to build my project fully.. but one big problem that I have traced down is the face that the generated files for my BF527 such as our:






files are being generated without some carriage returns.  So I get


#ifdef _MISRA_RULES#pragma diag(pop)#endif /* _MISRA_RULES */


instead of



#pragma diag(pop)

#endif /* _MISRA_RULES */


The former of course makes the compiler flip out.  I also get things more sinister like:


#include <sys/platform.h>#include <cplbtab.h>#pragma section("cplb_data")cplb_entry dcplbs_table[] = {


where I should get:


#include <sys/platform.h>

#include <cplbtab.h>

#pragma section("cplb_data")

cplb_entry dcplbs_table[] = {


The worst is when there's a "//" comment delimiter on the same line and from then until the carriage return, the compiler thinks there is nothing.


Is there some setting I can use so everytime those files are regenerated I don't have to manually edit those files?  It seems as though alot of time there is an ASCII Hard Tab where there needs to be a CR/LF.  This is not always the case either.


Even after the above changes I am still having issues building my project... short of reading every release note for the 4 updates since Update 9, is there a quick list of "gotchas"?