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ADV7611 - Use as a dumb pipe

Question asked by tarthon on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by GuenterL

I have an Avnet FMC Imageon card, but I need to know what I'd need to do to make it into a dumb pipe. I don't have standard HDMI - I have an infrared camera spitting out data that isn't fully HDMI conformant. I need it to get through without any changes, so I can extract it.


The pseudo-hdmi mode we have can successfully be read and retransmitted as passthrough data to a monitor (a brilliant first step) with only minor modifications to the Avnet passthrough project; now I just need to know how to get the data, unchanged, out of the chip without any kind of correction or modifications applied.


What  would the settings be for 'dumb pipe' mode, if it can do that?


Thanks everyone!



So I found the Component Processor diagram:

UG-180 Component Processor Channel A.PNG


So from this I can tell what I'd have to set in order to get the Component Processor to not effect the inputs; now I need the HDMI processor, Data Preprocessor and Color Space Conversion, and Backend Colorspace Conversion block settings.