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AD9249 - square waveform

Question asked by Timo on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by David.Buchanan

The input signal at B1 is a square waveform. The signal source is a function generator (50 Ohm impedance). The voltage waveform is shown with "Visual Analog"  for different frequencies.



   500 kHz 1Vpp  (without offset)



    1MHz 1Vpp (without offset)


   4 MHz 1V pp (without offset)




(a) I assume that the ADC blocked only a DC component (and frequencies up to 100 KHz by 1uF or 5 pF capacitor) . This should not result in the effect. I only expect a form according to the Gibbs phenomenon.


(b) It looks like a charge - or discharge process.


How could I avoid this effect?