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ADE7816 voltage connections and FCC conducted emissions

Question asked by Tim-S on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by dlath


    I have a system that is using the ADE7816.  The system is worknig and measuring power, power-factor, etc, just fine.  I recently took the design to get FCC certified and failed the conducted emissions test. 

So I am trying to figure out what my culprit is that is causing this noise.  I isolated my power supply and by itself it would pass the testing. But as soon as I make R1 more than about 1k the system can not measure properly.  If I make R1 about 1Meg then I can pass testing but the ADE7816 can not measure power correctly anymore. 

       I have been experimenting with power line filtering between the input and the power supply with mixed results.  I am wondering if AD has any recommendation for connecting the ADE7816 to DC-gnd or if there is a filter configuration that can help me pass FCC conducted emissions testing.

Please review this sketch and let me know what should change.





hmani, dlath amboyle