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Using own clock on FMCDAQ2 for synchronous output

Question asked by tjdub21 on Jul 30, 2015
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I am looking at purchasing the FMCDAQ2 Eval board. I am using a ZYNQ Eval board and would like to modify the reference design slightly to match my needs. Would it be possible to use my own signal, a 5 Mhz bursty signal, to control the rate at which the data outputs from the DAC? I would like to output the data on the rising edge of my own 5 Mhz bursty signal.


When I say that the signal is bursty, I am meaning to say that it is a 5 Mhz signal that gets shut of periodically. Is it possible for me to use this clock to control the DAC output? I need my clocks to be synchronous.


Thank you!