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ADV7611 HDCP Key Question

Question asked by VufineDug on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by DaveD



We're using the ADV7611 chip that happens to be non-HDCP; we got the -P model.

Was wondering what is the process of getting the non-P version. From what I read elsewhere, we need to sign the adopter license to be able to purchase them. Is this true?


Does this apply to buying them from anywhere? (e.g. mouser, digikey)

Also, I wanted to understand if the HDCP keys were included in the chips? To be able to use them in our devices, is there another process I'm missing or can we simply switch them out with the ADV7611 chip we're using now?


tldr; I just want to fully understand how to obtain HDCP enabled chips and what it takes to be able to use them in our devices.


Thank you!