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Eval board for HMC487LP5 - Stopped working after a few minutes of proper operation

Question asked by sjn on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by SMcBride

I recently purchased 108190-HMC487LP5 (Eval board for HMC487LP5), and although it was initially working properly (for a few minutes), the device stopped working. A small part of the chip appears to have melted (near Vdd 5 pin). I was wondering if it is possible to repair the device (replace the chip on it), or if I can get any advice on what may have gone wrong.

I biased the device according to the instructions, with the gate voltage adjusted to achieve the desired drain current of 1300 mA. After a few minutes of stability and the device working properly, I noticed that the current dropped. Since then, I am unable to get the device to work properly. A heat sink was attached to the bottom of the board that was sufficient according to the board specs, so I do not suspect overheating to be the issue.