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ADXRS453 Bandwidth

Question asked by andrea.gramazio on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by andrea.gramazio

Dear community,

I need to design a gyroscope for a customer, which complies to the following (not so clear, for me) specification:


The transfer function bandwidth shall be > 15 Hz with |SF| <= 0.5% with a maximum phase shift equivalent to a first order system response with a corner frequency of 150 Hz


I checked the ADXRS453 datasheet and seem to be ok for the other requirements (not listed here).

However, in your opinion, the ADXRS453 bandwith of 77.5Hz satisfies the previous requirement?

Probably not, due the requirement on phase shift, but I would like to share my dubt with you to understand if there are any workaround to be compliant.


Many thanks and best regards,