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adv7611 causes interrupt storm with INT1 enabled

Question asked by milosoftware on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by milosoftware

We finally got to hooking up the adv7611 on our board and capturing video with it. Appears to work, but I have a problem that I cannot seem to fix.


Like the zynq-zed-imageon reference design, we routed INT1 into the FPGA, and there I connected it to an EMIO pin of the Zynq. If I configure this pin as the interrupt source for the adv7611 driver, this causes a "storm" of interrupts, in a few seconds the counter in /proc/interrupts will have reached 3000 hits, and I2C traffic is through the roof (resulting in failures). If I omit the interrupt entry from the device tree, the driver sort of works, but doesn't seem to notice resolution changes and such.


We basically copied the FPGA design here and adapted it for our board:

analogdevicesinc/hdl at hdl_2015_r1 · GitHub


Since the  zynq-zed-imageon.dts  reference has this IRQ setup in the same way, I'd expect all the software bits to be just fine. We're using the xcomm_zynq branch of the ADI linux kernel for the drivers.