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A few question about the AD9957 Evaluation Board

Question asked by ednowicki on Jul 29, 2015
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I have a few questions with regard to the AD9957 Evaluation Board and its companion PC software:


  1. Is the latest version of the software 0.1.1?  The user guide (UG-208 RevA) describes a MVG (modulation vector generator) and a Simulator.  I don't have a MVG Toolbar button and my Simulator button is grayed out.
  2. Regarding the Simulator; when I downloaded the software from the ADI website, the .zip contained a single setup file.  This setup file installs the Rev. 0.1.1 PC software but does not contain a MLRT73 installer directory (as described in UG-208 pg. 5).
  3. FIFO Control (UG-208 Pg.15): When I select option "Load Data from a file" and browse to a file.  What is the file format I need to comply with?  (Example: text file with I then Q interleaved samples or 32-bit little endian binary samples with I the Q interleaved samples).