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Interfacing AD7764 on EVAL BOARD

Question asked by engineerzone-user-323998 on Jul 29, 2015
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I am trying to set up the AD7764 on the EVAL-AD7764EDZ evaluation board in standalone mode .

I provided the 7.5 V power supply and a 1 MHz clock for the AD7764 on the board.

I tried to measure the SDO and the FSO signals.

There are no signals on both pins present. The SDO is constantly low, the FSO is constantly high.

The SCO pin works correctly, I can measure a 500 kHz clock.

Why does the ADC not show any output on the SDO and the FSO pin?

Are there any other signals I have to provide to the ADC board in standalone operation?

Are there any registers that need to be programmed to make the ADC running?

Thank you for your help!