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SigmaStudio Schematic Problem

Question asked by logoho on Jul 29, 2015
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I have a big problem with my SigmaStudio schematic at the moment. I made a schematic for a 4-way loudspeaker on our custom board with the ADAU1446. It worked very well in different variants and on different boards. Now I made some changes in the schematic, (added filters and a merger...) and now it does not work properly anymore. But every time I try to write the code on my board, the errors are not constant. Some times, the loudspeaker is rumbling without an input signal. Some times, the higher speaker get the signal of the lower path and vice versa. Some times, all the frequency range is doubled... It was not the first schematic where it happens, but in this case, it is very important that it will work! Had someone the same problems and knows a solution?!


I will load up the schematic, if someone will give it a look or try on their system...


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